GM Policy 

Tacticon cannot run with just the staff, it needs YOU, the game master to help us provide the excellent gaming environment that people have enjoyed for 40 years! To become part of offering content at the convention, we need you to submit games to us so we can offer them to our con goers! To do so, head to  to make an account, and then submit your events!

Submitting content to the convention is important to us, so when you do, we like to reward you! If you submit 6 hours or less of content, you will receive 5 dollars off your convention badge price (Con badges are $45 for the weekend). If you submit between 7 to 11 hours of content, you receive 10 dollars off your badge price. If you submit 12 hours of content or more, you receive 15 dollars off your convention badge and if you turn in all of your game master sheets confirming that your games ran back to registration, we will refund you the 45 dollars you spent (giving you a free badge)!

General Expectations of what we expect out of Game Master's at the convention:

  • Show up to run your game on time

  • Be prepared to run your game as you had described it in your description

  • Fill out the appropriate GM form given to you when you first check in to the con and return it to registration after the game has been completed along with any generic tickets given to you

  • If your game experiences any no shows, or does not have any players to run, please indicate that on your form and turn it into registration

  • Be courteous to your gamers

  • Always be willing to accept last second people if your game is not completely full at the beginning of when you want to run your game

Thank you for wanting to be a game master, we look forward to having you at the con!

GM Reimbursement Policy

Genghiscon likes to be able to allow GM’s and groups to be able to help their causes at the convention. To this end we have a GM reimbursement program that allows individuals and groups to add extra dollars to their games in order to raise funds that can be used at their discretion. Genghiscon has also done away with table fees gathered for the convention so all fees will go directly to the groups. Groups that have opted into this program automatically have fees attached to their games (I.E. Savage Worlds and Dungeons and Dragons have an automatic 2 dollar table seat fee to each of their games to help fund raise for prizes and other amenities to its members). If you are interested in having this for your groups games, please email and we will evaluate your request. The convention reserves the right to reject GM reimbursements that are deemed excessive to the players of the con!