Thursday February 15th

6:00PM Welcome and meet the essential people of Genghiscon!

11:00pm Turbo Kid Movie Showing (Free to the public)

Friday February 16th

11:00am Celebrities and gaming panel

1:00pm Players write the best adventures panel

3:00pm Denver RPG Meetup Panel

6:00pm Auction

11:00pm (Or whenever auction is concluded) Hackers Movie Showing (Free to the public)

Saturday February 17th

11:ooam Freedom Squadron: Psi War Epic Finale!!!!

6:00pm Cosplay Contest (Golden Tentacle Kitties!!!!)

7:00pm Colonel Zocchi Dice and Life Panel!

10:00pm Epic Dance!

Sunday February 18th

2:00pm Michael Satran Memorial Game (Benefit Game)